goodbye wall of friends.

a few years ago, I had the crazy idea to draw frames on my wall and put pictures and memories everywhere. I remember my husbands face when he came home to what I had done (it wasn't good), lol, but over time it grew on him and we began to enjoy our wall of crazy photos, faces, and frames.

frames drawn on wall and filled with picturesafter a few months of making it, I had a little bit of regret and I wanted to take it down and do something new but my husband insisted it needed to stay for at least a year. I hated him for saying that but couldn't disagree since I spent so much time on it and the amount of paint and work to cover it up, would be a lot...

I waited a year and by then, I had sort of grown into it and kind of enjoy it and so now it has been over 2 years and I am finally going to take this down. It has been fun and a great idea for fun rooms in your house like a play room. We had ours up in the guest room.

(for those who are wanting to try it yourself. I used a very thick permanent marker to draw the frames (it needs to be thick to look nice). I used water colors, and crayons to color the frames and I attached pictures and drawings by using double stick tape or glue dots. this will hurt the wall and tear some paint off...but you will have to paint over and fix some of that anyways since you are drawing with a BLACK marker so it didn't worry me and still doesn't. I'm happy I did it.)

marker frames on wall in kids room

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