fried egg crayon

Let's Fry up a Crayon! 

what you will need:
a small pot from thrift store (one you don't care about ruining)
white and yellow crayons (you need about 3 white, and 1 yellow per fried egg)
wax paper or cooking spray
optional: cookie cutter, or mold

alright so this was a lot of fun, very easy but you do need to be careful when making these. They are probably not for kids to make and more for kids to watch you make.

you want to keep windows open and possibly doors open so that the fire alarms don't go off, (it can get a bit smokey if you keep it their too long). you want to melt the white crayons first. simply melt them over the stove. (tip: if you have a grill outside with a side burner, I would do it will be much easier)

after you melt them, which will only take a minute you want to pour the white melted crayon into your mold/cookie cutter or if you don't have one, simply pour it on top of a piece of wax paper which could be lying on a cookie sheet. pour it into the shape of a fried egg (so kinda round).

let that dry for a minute, and then melt the yellow crayon. carefully pour that on top to create the yellow part of the egg, and wa-la! a fried egg crayon. It should come off pretty easy but you may need to use a spatula to carefully take it off the wax paper (you might spray with cooking spray on the mold, or wax paper to make it easier to come off)

(I did try making another one later on with a mold (I will post pictures of that one later on because it's quite cute, but the pan lit on fire at one point. I was able to put it out, but I should warn you to watch it at all times and be careful. If a fire does start, I would put baking soda on it over water.)

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