30 + 9 weeks.

Logen is 39 weeks. He got the adorable lion hat for christmas. I'm in love with it and try to make him wear it all the time. He often takes it off and gets annoyed with me but Santa sure is awesome. He also got the cute plaid shirt from my aunt Pam, and the ball he is going crazy with he got for christmas too! he definitely got spoiled this christmas from everyone. It was fun to watch him play with the lights and wrapping paper and care nothing about the presents but actually I will say...he liked the presents too. He got some really cool ones so I don't blame him. I was excited about his presents. I also have some very exciting news. Logen took his first steps on Dec. 29th. I have a video that I will post. I grabbed the camera and he did it a few more times before getting fussy. He decided to take a few steps a day before he turned 9 months---he is so fast and quick at crawling...I can only imagine when he starts walking and running!