Kids Thanksgiving Feather & Corn Setting

Kids Thanksgiving Feather & Corn Setting

you will need:
  • craft feathers (assorted colors)
  • craft glue or staples gun
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • cups

1. first cut 1 inch thick strips out of the construction paper and measure the size of your paper cups to know how long to make the strips. I estimated and then trimmed after. I would make sure they have some room to overlap.

2. then take a few craft feathers and either glue them or staple each strip. I used about 3 feathers per cup.

3. last, tape the strip to the cup to hold it in place, and wrap the strip around the cup overlapping it to the other side of the strip where you can either tape it or glue it to the cup/other end of the strip.

THAT'S IT! so simple as all my creations really are.

(TIP: you could also use these as a place card name holder. just write the name of the person onto the strip.)


Kids Thanksgiving Feather & Corn Setting

This is so easy! simple cut out a long piece of yellow paper to resemble corn. round the top with scissors. Then cut two similar sized green pieces of paper for the husk. Be sure that these are not rounded on the edges and can be a bit thinner. Let the kids color their corn on the yellow papers and then tape or glue the bottom together. Write the name on the husk and place on each plate for thanksgiving. This would be a great craft for the older kids to help the younger kids with and for any sort of kids table setting.