WeEk SeVeN

Logen is 7 weeks. He is getting very big. This last week he grew out of one of his hats. He is smiling a lot now and loves to be near mom and dad. He's really noticing things now and loves to look around. We had our first parenting "oops" moment when we forgot the diapers on an outing to my parents this week. We didn't realize we didn't have any in the diaper bag until his diaper was already off and he was sitting on the changing pad. While waiting for someone to go buy diapers really fast, he pooped 3 times and peed about 4 on the changing pad. It was one of those days but I couldn't stop laughing out of amazement as I was trying to aim his "current" to stay on the changing pad.

(also, he is loving to drool and blow bubbles. if you look close, you can see the drool rolling down his cheek in the picture)