Easy Bead Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

So fun and so simple for christmas! I thought I would post this for those of us parents that need an activity for classes or at home that doesn't make a giant mess. We made this for my dons preschool class and it was a hit. It also doesn't take very long.

You will need:

  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Red pony beads
  • White pony beads
  • Ribbon

You will want to make what I call a twisty knot on one end of the pipe cleaner before lacing beads on. What I do is make a knot and than because it's hard to pull through when it's wire, I just twist it after that until it creates a ball knot looking thing that I know won't come undone.

Next let the kids string the Beads onto their candy cane. I made mini ones that were about 3/4 of a pipe cleaner long. I also did a full size pipe cleaner one and I think I like those better. Either way, once you are done, do the same kind of twisty knot on the other end to finish. Bend it like a candy cane. Last grab some ribbon and string it through one of the top poNy beads and than tie a knot in the to ribbon and hang.

Cute and simple. Perfect idea for preschoolers, kindergarton classes, or even toddlers. Mess free christmas craft.