DIY Green Chalk Sports Wall

DIY green chalk sports wall

*green chalk paint
*white chalk
*basketball hoop (optional)
*stencils (for the numbers, also optional)
  1. Wash and prep the wall as necessary. For those who have never painted a wall before, you want to go talk to someone in the paint department at Home Depot or Lowes. I always go to Home Depot and they have been very helpful. I have now painted so many things, that I know a lot of what I need and should do but at the beginning, I picked the Home Depot guys' brains like crazy. They can tell you what you need exactly but you are possibly looking at primer, paint, washcloths, roller brushes, painters tape, drop cloths to protect the floor,etc. It sounds overwhelming but it really isn't. I will be honest that I didn't use a primer for this wall. It was already white and I used a lot of layers of chalk paint and it worked just fine.
  2. Stencil the numbers or really whatever you want onto the chalkboard. I eyeballed the numbers and didn't measure or anything but you certainly could.
  3. Install any cool sports stuff like our basketball hoop to the wall. We bought our hoop on amazon.

indoor kids basketball hoop decor

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