Tin foil river gone wrong, yet funny.

Kids Activity: Tin Foil River....failure.

So the kids loved the tin foil river, except...well it didn't work. I saw this all over pinterest and such, and thought to myself , "I could do this! It looks simple enough." Turns out, I was wrong. This either is not an easy idea or I just need to read Using Tin Foil for Dummies to get them to work. Either way, we tried it out and ended up having a blast. Logen enjoyed drinking the water from our tin foil hose river and cruz enjoyed destroying it. All in all, it's not usually about the success of our project as it is the enjoyment in the process of creating it. Here are some hilarious pics, and if you are interested in trying this out yourselves, check out camo and bows where we got our inspiration from. Oh! And I do think it would have worked better if we doubled the tin foil so it didn't tear and if we had done it on a real hill so that it would have flown down better.

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