100 apps for kids and autism

100 affordable apps for toddlers and preschoolers with autism or those that just love the iPad.

(None are over $2.99)
I have done hours and hours of research since purchasing an iPad. My son uses it all the time for learning, games, reading, and autism schedules. I love it 99% of the time and it is such a help with my son. Sometimes however, the really great apps especially for autism can be costly. I am willing to pay a few dollars for an app but its hard to justify more than that.
I have created a list of 100 apps that we love for my boys and none of them are over $2.99, most are free. I don't have all of them on my iPad currently anymore because my son gets bored fast so I delete those ones and download new ones that are relevant to him. That's how I know quite a bit and have tried 100 apps. We typically have around 50 kids apps and they are organized in folders: math, reading, sensory, games, discovery, creative, puzzles and shapes, music, pretend play, explore, autism, and Disney. I have a lot of space on my iPad which allows me to have 50. On the iPhone, I only keep about 20-25. The Disneyland explorer app by far takes up the most space just so you know. It's way cool though. Last I want to mention that this list is based solely on what my son Logen likes. Some of these math and science apps are not for preschoolers and they are for kids a bit older like elementary school age. My oldest just really is interested in math and science so I find him apps that are for a little older audience so you (the parents) will want to try out the apps yourself and make sure they are suitable for your child. None of them are violent, or inappropriate to me however, I just want to make sure I let you know everything. If you have further questions about these apps, feel free to email me at justkathryn143@gmail.com


  1. Hungry Fish app (Free)
  2. Monkey Math app ($0.99)
  3. Lunchbox app (Free)
  4. Sushi Monster (Free)
  5. Clock Puzzle (Free)
  6. Count to 100 ($1.99)
  7. Learn to Count NYC (Free)
  8. Count Monsters (Free)
  9. Counting Bees ($0.99)
  10. Number bonds by Thinkout ($0.99)


  1. Articulation Station (Free)
  2. Interactive Alphabet app ($2.99)
  3. Endless ABC app (Free)
  4. BB Magic Lite (Free)
  5. ABC touch (Free)
  6. Spell, Write, and Read (Free)
  7. Hooked on Phonics (Free)
  8. Bright Start ABC 123 (Free)
  9. Sparkle fish (Free)
  10. Peekaboo Barn ($1.99)
  11. Elmo loves ABCs lite (Free)
  12. Reading Rainbow (Free)
  13. Curious George's Dictionary ($1.99)


  1. Fingerpaint app (Free)
  2. Heat Pad Lite app (Free)
  3. Volt app (Free)
  4. Fluid Monkey app (Free)
  5. Balls app (Free)
  6. Tube clock app (Free)
  7. Dropophone (Free)
  8. Magic Fingers Lite (Free)


  1. Free Angry Birds (Free)
  2. Basketmatch (Free)
  3. Jewelmania (Free)
  4. Whale Trail (Free)

Pretend play and Life Skills

  1. Hairy Xmas (Free)
  2. Toca Monsters (Free)
  3. Toddler Shopping (Free)
  4. Awesome Eats (Free)
  5. Cookie Calls ($0.99)
  6. Baby-chef (Free)
  7. Egg Zoo (Free)
  8. Toca Doctor Lite (Free)
  9. Farm Animals (Free)


  1. Elementals (Free)
  2. National Geo Today (Free)
  3. Earthlapse (Free)
  4. Planetary (Free)
  5. Dinosaurs Lite by Magic School Bus (Free)
  6. Piece my Dinosaurs ($0.99)
  7. Hubble top 100 (Free)
  8. Dinosaurs World (Free)
  9. Planet Dino's (Free)
  10. Sea HD (Free)
  11. Earth School HD free (Free)


  1. Peep and the big whole world, paint Splat (Free)
  2. Lets Create (Free)
  3. Color Comics (Free)
  4. Mr. Potato Head (Free)
  5. Lego 4+ (Free)
  6. Bot Garage ($1.99)
  7. Bug Builder ($0.99)
  8. Drawing with Carl Lite (Free)

Puzzles and Shapes

  1. Injini lite (Free)
  2. Robot workshop (Free)
  3. Kids Labs (Free)
  4. Play 123 (Free)
  5. Hey Dooda Dot to Dot (Free)
  6. Agnitus (Free)
  7. Play Lab (Free)


  1. Toca Band lite (Free)
  2. Piano Book (Free)
  3. Loop Seque Kids (Free)
  4. A Xylophone (Free)
  5. Mibblio (Free)
  6. Falling Stars by Trident (Free)
  7. I can Xylo (Free)
  8. Wheels on the Bus ($1.99)


  1. Curious Zoo (Free)
  2. Lego Duplo (Free)
  3. PBS kids (Free)
  4. First Video (Free)
  5. Thomas Activites (Free)
  6. I learn n earn (Free)


  1. Monster Run (Free)
  2. The Lion King (second screen) (Free)
  3. Disney Movies (Free)
  4. Winnie the Pooh (Free)
  5. Toy Story Reading Book (Free)
  6. Disneyland (Free)
  7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Rally (Free)


  1. The Autism Speaks Network (Free)
  2. INotes (Free)
  3. Pic See Lite (Free)
  4. Autism apps (Free)
  5. Emotionary (Free)
  6. Touch and Say (Free)
  7. Pic Me Calm ($0.99)
  8. A little book about feelings ($0.99)
  9. Kinder town apps (Free)