Non Traditional Thanksgiving

Okay so their are some of you (like me) who are jumping up and down in excitement for thanksgiving, christmas, and all of the traditional stresses that they bring. I imagine however that their are others of you (like my dad at times) who are picturing the messes, the hours and hours of work, and the cleaning up they will have to do to make an event like Thanksgiving happen. In fact, I imagine many of you would rather order some pizza on thanksgiving and watch the football game--mess free! well I don't write many posts about non-traditional holidays so enjoy it while it lasts. This is for the non traditional thanksgiving. I have included some super easy ideas for those who want minimal mess but I've also included some ideas for the eccentric modernists that just want something different and new.

Delicious turkey pizza, this recipe is awesome and such a great idea. If you aren't into making anything however, you could also call and order a turkey and pesto pizza.
paint sample table runner --blue, green, and, gold.
stuffed turkey breast instead of a traditional turkey for thanksgiving
blue and teal fabric garland. these may not be traditional thanksgiving colors but they sure are fabulous for fall
chocolate accorns. oh my decadent! yummy
sweet potato cupcakes. a non traditional idea for a dessert recipe
mashed potato tv dinner cupcakes. this would add a funny and clever touch to a quick thanksgiving
sandwiches instead of spending lots and lots of time cooking a turkey.
vegetarian thanksgiving. it's tough when most traditional recipes include meat...this looks great however!
another vegetarian idea but if you don't want a turkey, make one out of a paper bag and fill with popcorn.
want turkey but not a traditonal one? how about turkey meatballs. mmm mmm good.