Tangled party theme

Tangled Party Theme Round up

This is one of my favorite movies ever! I love it so much. It is truly magical. I grew up dreaming of sleeping beauty, cinderella, and all things princess. I loved to run around in tutus and sparkly outfits. I would dance and twirl in the living room to "i know you" from sleeping beauty. I was a princess inside and out. Truly, not much has changed. I still believe in happily ever afters and I go to see disney princess movies any chance I get. This brings me to tangled. I saw it and it was so funny and still so magical, truly darling so even though, I have boys and boys don't really like tangled princess birthday parties, I thought I would look up some ideas for you girls out there. Their are so many great and fun decorations, recipes, cakes, and games for this party. It is a fantastic theme....take a look

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