Have a Jello Halloween!

Halloween is all about the slimy, slurpy, jiggly, and wiggly. Theirs nothing as creepy and yet satisfying as slippery and spooky jello recipes. I have found quite the round up and am excited to try a few of these this holiday season. Some of these are simply cute, and simple while others are down right scary and eeek! I can't get over the snake jello, I'm not sure I could eat my jello with snakes but it sure does fit into the holiday season of spooky and creepy. Anyway take a look at my round up! also, I just want to encourage all of my readers to please "like" my facebook page and vote for me at top mommy blogs.

Also the last pin of the brain jello mold. Right now for a limited time, it is FREE (but 2.00 s&h) ! if you go to krafts site and look it up, you can order it. awesome right?

green snake jello at growing a jeweled rose

spooky jello worms at Mels Kitchen Cafe
glow in the dark bats at jello shot test kitchen
science jelly worms at babble by paula jones
jello eyeballs at katrina's kitchen
candy corn jello shots at that's so michelle
jello eyeballs at jello shot test kitchen
jello skulls at jello shot test kitchen

glow in the dark kitchen at culinaria
jello snack worm cups at parenting.com
bleeding jello brain at good cocktails
brain jello mold at kraft corner store

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