DIY kids workbenches

DIY handmade kids workbenches

I know that christmas is still many months away, but I am starting to plan and think of what to get my boys for christmas. I have gone and back and forth between many ideas. The truth is, Logen is very selective about which toys he will play with. He's liking toys more and more but it's hard to know what he will like. Last year, we bought him a potterybarn anywhere chair. He has loved it and I am so glad that we saved up and bought him that rather than getting him tons of toy kits that would have been broken in a month or worse, were never played with. This year, we have been racking our brains thinking about what he would like. The first thing on our mind is a trampoline. We've been wanting one for a while because Logen does really well with it. He was diagnosed with pdd-nos not too long ago and he has some sensory issues and needs more sensory output. He loves to jump and it tends to calm him down. Anyway some of you who have not dealt with these issues are probably a little confused (at least I was when I started learning about sensory integration issues) but either way, the trampoline is more of a summer thing and so he wouldn't even be able to use it if we save up and just get this for christmas so our thought is that we will go a little "lighter" on christmas and then still get a trampoline come next summer. So that leaves the question...what to get..we definitely have books on our list. Logen loves books and Cruz could use a few new toys but I think other than those, a fun handmade workbench might be a lot of fun. I have been searching all over the pinterest and have found a great number of kid workbenches. All of them are homemade, some of them are ikea hackers but all are pretty easy, and inexpensive. You could find most of the supplies at ikea, the dollar store, or a thrift store and put it together with next to no handyman skills. Take a look at the assortment of ideas I found for kids workbenches or tool centers.

tool bench desk by built by kids
childrens tool bench by hidden sisters
diy work bench by finding joy

yellow and gray workbench by unknown source
great white workbench at giggleberry creations
cliff's workshop by johnny in a dress
black workbench nightstand by glimmer and grit
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