5 favorite halloween kid costumes for 2012

Oh man! Their are so many creative wizards out there. I am amazed each year at the cool costumes I find for kids that are not only easy, but super unique and fun. I love looking through all of them even after I have already chosen my kids. It's just fun to see what everyone else thinks up. I have been looking through the ones I found and I narrowed it down to 5 of my favorites. lets take a look!
this is so cute. the blue tights and adorable fluff. who wouldn't want to be a light fluffy cloud? this is elegant, and adorable at the same time. I love warm costumes since I live in a colder climate and this is very creative and easy. source: sarahillenberger.com
pig in a blanket. this is clever but also pretty easy not to mention it's a warm costume for those like me who live in cold weather climates. it's super cute and great for a girl. source: realsimple.com

dwight! really!!!? this is fantastic. such a great idea. if only I could get my toddler to keep those awesome glasses on. Now I just need to make a stapler jello for halloween and we'd be set. source: woosk.com
UP with balloons and adorable glasses. ok I couldn't do anything but giggle when seeing this costume. this is so adorable! like ultra adorable. pretty easy to pull off too! source: auburnsoulphotography.com
green army boy costume
green army man boy costume
this is so cool! I love the nylon over the face and just wow! so cool and creative. green and plastic, oh I just love every bit. source: wildinkpress.com
green army man boy costume