10 adorable baby & kid costumes.

10 adorably cute baby & kid costumes

Below you will find 10 halloween costumes for baby & kids. These are my favorite. They are adorable, original, would be easy to make, and are classic and relevant to this year. I love the bright colors, fun designs. Some of these are etsy costumes you can purchase while others come with tutorials on how to make them and believe, some of these would be super easy for anyone to pull of. Take a look! click on a picture to be directed to pinterest/ and or the source.
#1. pink flamingo costume
flamingo girls costume
#1. pink flamingo costume
sushi newborn costume
2. newborn sushi costume
girl superhero costume
#3. girl superhero costume
diy peacock tutu costume
#4. peacock tutu costume
little red riding hood
#5. little red riding hood costume
homemade owl costume
#6. owl costume
chick costume
#7. chick costume
safari man costume
#8. safari costume
easy to make witch costume
#9. easy witch costume
#10. homemade skeleton costume
#10. homemade skeleton costume