DIY projects for small space homes.

Affordable Projects for Small Homes

Alright so I have had a lot on my mind this last week. After lots of prayer and thought, Jared and I have decided we will be staying in this house for a while longer. We never expected to be living here this long. Our house is not very big (1090 sq ft of finished space and only about 1500 sq. ft total). We do have a nice backyard but the space is a big issue. We sort of planned on moving closer to salt lake because of Logen's diagnosis of pdd-nos and most of his doctors and resources are down there but after further research, we owe so much on our home because of the economy that getting out wouldn't really be the best option for us. We thought of lots of ideas and realized in the end, that we will have to do our best at making this little home of ours, work for now.

It's been hard. Anyone who knows me well knows how much a dream home with a nice front porch and an adorable brick fireplace means to me but I have had to take deep breaths and realize that home is where your family is and also that, I still might get that one day...just not right now. That has made me focus a lot more on diy projects though for our home so we can add better space, finish our basement, make use of what we have, and really turn this starter home into a home we can LOVE. I happen to love old home and quirky fun details so we started to think of what we could do and how we could bring that into this home, which happens to be fairly new (built in 2003) and pretty generic.

affordable picture gallery
black and white picture gallery
I ofcourse searched and searched pinterest, here are some of the awesome and affordable diy ideas I have come up with: take a look, (also click on the image to be delivered to the true source).

board and batten wall
cheap wall decoration
cheap vintage diy
diy projects for cheap
ikea malm dresser
ikea malm dresser decoration
backpack corner
hallway diy project
string lantern
yarn diy light
bathroom tub diy project
bath tub panel
bathroom wall frame
bathroom white mirror frame
chalk fridge
chalk paint fridge
diy kitchen $100
$100 kitchen project
painted fan craft
diy painted fan
glue canvas project
glue canvas decor
chalk paint kitchen
chalk painted kitchen diy
stenciled sub floor
painted sub floor bedroom
diy colorful bedroom
colorful bedroom project
wallpaper fireplace
fireplace canvas decor
crate shelfs
vintage shelf decor
diy wood shelfs
rustic shelfs