Neat Neon Ideas

Neon party ideas

Neon needs no real introduction. It brings back memories of high school dances, anything from the 80's, and my Barbie doll's wardrobe. Neon can be fantastic and crazy and make light of any celebration. I am not ussually into bright neon colors myself. I typically wear dark colors and even when I don't, their not neon. I decorate with reds, navy's, an white so the thought of electric yellow and hot pink never cross my mind but as I was looking for some summer party ideas, I spotted these fantastic neon cupcakes and thought, I want some neon! Lol, it is perfect for summer, easy to find, great on a budget since the choices are everywhere and simplistic. You could neon water balloon fights or jello tug of war with all these fun decorations or for something quieter, you could have a simple BBQ with some neon accents. Either way, they are fantastic. Take a look:

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