The wood care specialist

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The Wood Care Specialist.

My diy backyard project is nearly done. (I should have pictures next week) but my boring backyard needed a little sprucing up so I spend an entire saturday with my wonderful husband planting bushes and pulling weeds. I can't tell you how rocky the ground was--it was not fun (and I really couldn't do it so my husband did most of the digging( but I'm glad the yard looks better now. The only thing that is still on my mind now is our wooden staircase which leads me into my focus for today's post, Flood® Wood Care, the wood care specialist.

My little wooden staircase is only a few stairs but the wood has not been treated and has worn down over time. It is an eye sore in my backyard. Flood® Wood Careis known as the wood care specialist because they are known to have quality results and reliable protection. Not to mention, they have been around since 1841! They carry exterior wood stains and exterior wood cleaners that are the best of the best. I keep thinking about how wonderful my little backyard wooden staircase would be with a rich dark stain versus the yucky and plain look it has. I also could use a wood cleaner to protect it and keep it from looking terrible again.

I've been browsing Flood® Wood Care's website and it is really fun to see the image gallery. Their are so many fun project to look at with beautiful colors, and fun inspiration, I wish I could pick them all. I'm sure many of you are planning diy summer projects as well. If you have any wood projects coming up, I would definitely check out Flood® Wood Care for some ideas on how to treat, maintain, and create your outdoor space. In fact, I would just go there either way and look at all of the neat ideas just because they are amazing to look at and plan for. It's just an awesome company with quality products and hey!, they are the wood care specialist after all. I'll have to keep you all updated on my little stair case and the tender loving care it most definitely needs.

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