My head is spinning with bow ties!


so you heard me from the title, but my head is spinning with bow ties! I wanted to create a pretty simple but fun bow tie themed blessing party for after my son's blessing which will be may 5th. I've had so much on my mind with all of the other parties needing to be planned, and website maintenence that I really haven't finished my plans for this until I want to make a bow tie for both of my boys but for those read thing blog a lot, probably know that...I don't know how to sew. I have tried learning before and it did not go well. I admire people who have gotten that skill down. I am a non skilled creative crafter. lol. One day I might learn but for now, the bow tie will need to be a no sew. I also am doing some bow tie napkins. we'll see how everything goes over but in the meantime, I will share some bow tie crafts and bow tie inspiration, that I found on google and pinterest and miscellaneous blogs. click on the image to be redirected...and if you know any bow tie ideas for a party, send them my way. my e-mail is

flowered handmade bow tie

newspaper bow tie

baby boy bow tie

lego bow tie

napkin bow tie