Cookie Monster Music

So..I am in the last stretch of planning my Son's birthday party this coming Saturday. I can't believe it's around the corner! I always find it doesn't matter how organized I am or how earlier I start planning, it always manages to creep up on me. why is that? well anyways, I am thrilled about getting it together. I will probably get no sleep as I finish up all of the last minute details but it should hopefully turn out great...hopefully, right?
I got the music together today for his party. I thought I would have to use some cookie monster songs and some other classic sesame street songs because their wouldn't be enough of just cookie monster. Luckily, I was surprised with TONS of cookie monster music. Their were so many options to choose from and a lot of them were really great and funny. I actually had to limit my list down because their were so many. I have embedded a you tube cookie monster video in here with one of the songs I chose but they are all hillarious.

Oh man, Cookie Monster cracks me up. I grew up watching him too as I'm sure many of you have and their is something so likeable about a blue fuzzy monster eating cookies and drinking cold glasses of milk. Anyway, last I thought I should share my Cookie Monster Playlist picks for music, they are pretty good. Take a look:
  1. Happy Birthday from Sesame Street
  2. C is for Cookie
  3. Me Gotta Be Blue
  4. Ten Cookies
  5. Put a Cookie in my Mouth
  6. Breakfast Time
  7. Cookie Disco
  8. Fuzzy and Blue
  9. Me Lost my Cookie at the Disco
take care everyone! I will keep you posted- kath

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