Cookie Monster Birthday

here is where to see the entire Cookie Monster party

Cookie Monster Birthday Party

I am very excited to say that the Cookie Monster Planning is over. I LOVE to plan parties but it feels so great to see the pictures when they are done and know you did your best. I have a few pictures and videos on my party planning process below but I have the entire party posted on so please go and check it out. I will also have a party kit with free party printables available for anyone who is throwing a milk and cookies party, or a cookie monster birthday party. I am on to the next party planning event though- a baby blessing. It seems like the dragons fairy tail has partly become a kids birthday party blog with all of the parties I have to throw. It has become one of the main things I focus on with the dragons fairy tail so if you are looking for some blog birthday party ideas, look no further. You will find baby blessing parties, a disney cars birthday, lots of cupcake and dessert ideas, and now...a milk and cookies party.
ok so back to cookie monster, I started planning this many months ago. I first began to brainstorm and doodle all of my ideas down as you can see from the drawings below. I had gotten many ideas from pinterest (p.s. don't you love pinterest!?), and I compiled them into a simple but fun party. One thing I have learned with party planning is...YOU CAN'T and SHOULDN'T do every great idea you find. A party should be simple, and clean and organized, especially if you are wanting to stay on budget. Speaking of that, ALWAYS have a budget. lol, it's so easy to spend too much. Anyway, I made some lists of everything we needed, found cookie recipes, compiled a guest list and began to execute my party crafting skills.
If you have been reading my blog consistently, you may have seen my cookie monster music post. I posted lots of great music ideas for a cookie monster or even sesame street party. The music was a hit however I do think that it was hard balancing the volume level just because you wanted people to be able to hear the music but still converse with others. I chose cookie monster cupcakes rather than cake and they worked out but looked a little messy and scary. I was not as amazing at decorating them as I had hoped. It still was easy and they did look cute and it was adorable to watch my two year old sculpt his face in frosting from a cookie monster cupcake.
Before I leave you, I do want to mention that on you will find: frozen cookie dough favors, cookie monster invitations, great cookie recipes, cookie monster cupcakes, and how to make a simple but very fun blue pinata. Be sure to check it out by visiting the Cookie Monster Birthday Party