week 1.

Cruz is 1 week old. I managed to take all 52 week pictures with Logen and am determined to keep up that  tradition with Cruz.

As of his last appointment on Friday, he weights 6 lbs. 1 ounce which is the in the 5th percentile. He is in the 20th percentile for height at 20 inches. His head circumference is 33.5 cm (7th percentile).

He is a little guy but is doing awesome. He loves to swing, suck on his pacifier, and be held by mom and dad. We're hoping he starts sleeping a little more at night (lol) but I'm sure he will get there. In the meantime, he gets lots of rest in the day and then wants to be held all night so mom and dad are a bit tired. Logen finds Cruz very curious. He is trying to figure out what to do with him but for the most part, he is a very proud big brother.

One new thing we were not prepared for because Logen didn't do this nearly as much but Cruz loves to explode and pee all over us all the time. As soon as his diaper comes off he is ready. lol, we're hoping that is a phase that will stop very soon.