Green smoothie

Spinach Smoothie

In attempts to eat healthier, and also enjoy our upcoming st. patricks day, my husband whipped up a mean green smoothie drink. It might not look so appealing but it actually tastes really yummy. It was my new favorite smoothie. I have had it a few times now and am in love. It has a lot of spinach which might deture people from trying but you have to trust me! this is good, healthy, and awesome. We have been also using our new ninja blender which we couldn't be happier about. It works so well! Here is the link to the recipe: St Pattys Day Smoothie @ one charming party.  We stayed true to the recipe except we didn't use organic spinach, just regular.

We used the recipe provided by St. Pattys Day Smoothie @ one charming party
perfect for a happy st. patricks day!