3 Easy & Fun Valentine Crafts!

valentines day crafts and fun--

$1 Valentines Door Sign
I have no valentines wreath and really not much home decor either. I bought these glitter board hearts & signs on clearance last year after valentines.
They were only $1.00 a bag on clearance which held a pack of 
4 hearts or 2 letter signs. While many of you won't be able to find them on clearance anymore, I saw some very similar ones at the Dollar Tree and I saw the almost exact same ones at Walmart. They were $1 each sign. I punched holes in the sign and hung it with left over ribbon. that's it! so simple right?

simple as all my projects are: An Ice Cream Love Treat.

first, scoop an individual serving of ice cream into the cupcake liner and place in the freezer until you are ready to serve or surprise your loved one with a sweet valentine treat. You then want to take two candy hearts & a cake pop stick. You can either hot glue the hearts together to the stick or you can use a frosting if you plan on eating the hearts after.

Candy Flower Treat
This is such an easy idea. I used extra cupcake wrappers from our ice cream treat cups and flattened them out.
I actually used wilton baking cups which are a little different, but cupcake wrappers will do the same thing. flatten out the wrapper and place some candies and treats inside. I used purple vines licorice (that I got at the dollar store) as the leaf and stem. and that's it!