Peter Pan Nursery Inspiration

peter pan nursery inspiration 
this post is all about peter pan, pirates, and treasure maps in an adorable baby nursery. It's an inspiration board. 

well hello everyone! I'm finally back. I've taken a little break with the busy holiday and the unfortunate flu but I am so glad to be back to the blogging world again. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, christmas, and new years and I am so excited for 2012.

today I am doing an inspiration post on a peter pan nursery. For those who don't know yet,  I am having another boy in a few months and we are planning and designing our peter pan nursery for him. We are really excited and I have gathered some ideas. Here is what I have found:

map ceiling  here
mary blair here
jellycat cordy crocodile here
peter pan silhouette here

pirate ship room! here
pirate life decal here
peter pan mural here
tree branch hanger here
green & blue funky nursery here
 pirate nursery theme for room here
trina hyman art here
adorable peter pan graphic here

to view the peter pan nursery I created, CLICK HERE
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