which living room is yours?

So very bad news...my wonderful desk that I have been staining has not been finished yet. Their was a problem with a part of it drying and it got a bit splotchy. On top of that, it is so heavy, I couldn't even lift it so we are working on getting it finished and into our living room in the next day or two. Sorry to disappoint if you were awaiting the make over today.

Doing all of this has got me thinking, what kind of living room do I want? what do I like best?....we have a very open layout but it's very small and kind of an annoying set up. I am not such a fan. As I was moving furniture around trying to fit it together like a puzzle, none of the pieces were fitting! and eventually --it ended up right where it had been before. Oh well, so here's my thought. which living room is yours?

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