finally the desk is done, well almost.

so I showed you all my desk staining project and I had hoped to finish it that day however it took much longer. The stain on top of the desk was not working very well.

The top of the desk had some water damage and trying to sand it down and stain was more of a problem than I instead we decided to paint the top of the desk chalkboard and the rest we stained. It's 99% done but I do have 2 spots where I need to fix a staining problem that we didn't notice until now and I need to glue down a piece of wood at the bottom that is broken.

if you are looking to stain a piece of furniture (I have done it many times) but here are my tips:

  • use an old sock (put it on your hand), it works best for me however wear a plastic glove underneath so your hand doesn't turn the color of the stain.
  • really drain off the excess stain on something before placing it on the furniture so you get a clean (non-splotchy) coat. 
  • don't drench the piece of furniture with stain. wood can only handle so much stain at once. Instead wait for it to dry and do multiple coats. 

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