tin foil dinner

tin foil dinners are so fun for families. We had a camping night in the backyard and ate these yummy dinners. They are so easy and delicious. 

stuff to put in: 
sliced potatoes 
ground beef 
chopped onions
salt & pepper to taste 
dry onion soup mix (optional)

preheat the oven to 400 degrees. lay down a piece of foil, then place a layer of onions, carrot, ground beef, carrots potato, and onions on top. you can put the dry onion soup mix in the middle if you wish to use it. It gives a nice taste. salt & pepper to taste on top. 

get another equal size piece of tin foil. fold and compact the dinner together. I roll the sides together but theirs not wrong way to do it. place in the oven and let cook for 40-45 minutes. open and check to make sure it's fully cooked before eating. 
(I pounded down the meat to make it really thin so it would cook well and not be undercooked, the potatoes should be cut thin so they will also cook all the way through.)

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