a moose costume.

Baby Moose Costume for $4

I made this costume last year  (2010) for my son. He was about 6 months during 
halloween and we wanted something adorable but easy (and cost effective) and 
warm so I found an idea to make him a moose. here is how I did it:

you will need:
brown sweatsuit $3 
thread and needle $0 
(I already had them)
1 set of white gloves $1 

stuffing $0 (I already had some)

= $4.00

1. I found logen his brown sweatsuit last year at walmart on clearance for $3 total. I think it was half off. I saw some similar sweatsuits at walmart this year as well. 

2. Once you find and gather all of the other products, you will want to thread your needle and sew your stuffed gloved to the hood. I sewed the bottom cuff or ribbon of the glove underneath so it didnt show. be sure to sew them really tight. My son went to a halloween party with us a few days before halloween, and by the end of the night 
his moose antlers were falling a bit so I had to re-do them before halloween 
again. I think it was my poor sewing skills. I just didn't hand sew them to it 
tight enough. If you are an expert seamstress, I'm sure you will know what to 

3. anyways, that was it. his costume was so easy! and cheap.

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**DiXoNs** said...

I love this picture! Soo Adorable!

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Theresa said...

This was lovely tto read