50th Ice Cream Birthday Party.

My mom celebrated her 50th birthday this last week. (when I wrote this, I accidentally typed 550th--I don't think she would have appreciated that). She definitely doesn't look 50 but we decided to throw her an ice cream party.

For anyone who knows my mom, you would know she loves ice cream so it was very fitting and turned out to be a very fun and exciting event. here are the pictures and ideas that I put together for the party (with the help of my dad, brother, and sister) :


The highlights of what we made and put together:

The Picture Clothes Line: This is so easy, simply purchase ribbon hang it tightly across the wall, and gather clothespins to hang pictures. be sure to hang it really tight, the pictures do weigh it down. 

Balloon 50: This took a lot of creativity and thought to make this but we simply purchased red animal balloons online at amazon, and a $2 pump. We simply pumped the balloons and then tied them together and used string to keep them where you wanted. We had to tie string in every direction to stretch them and make them look like a 5 and a 0. 

Ice Cream Toppings- We purchased mini mnm's, marshmallows, cherries, cones, nuts, caramel, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream. We ran out of nuts so if you do this party, I think those are the biggest hit. We rented a soft serve ice cream machine from twist rental and that made it so easy and fun! everyone loved serving themselves ice cream. 

Balloons All Around- The Balloons made it look a little old fashioned but really jazzed the place up. We bought a lot of balloons and hung them all around at the party. 

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