graduation treats.

graduation treats

for those who are still figuring out graduation gifts (like me, always last minute), here is what I made for tonight's high school graduation. I have a number of swimmers I coached that are graduating.

I got the idea from, and for the most part followed their instructions. you will need:
cake pop sticks
mini reese's peanut butter cups
ghiradelli squares
fondant for the tassles
melting chocolate (I used almond bark)

you want to melt some chocolate and dip your cake pop stick into it and then gently stick into the bottom of the mini reese's peanut butter cup. (be careful and make sure the reese's cups are already at room temperature and so they go in easily. I cracked a few of mine).

after they have dried you apply some melted chocolate to both the ghiradelli square and the top of the reese's cup and then press them together until they have dried. I would put a lot of chocolate on both before pushing together to be sure they will stick. mine worked, but I put a lot.

after that, roll some fondant out (I used store bought fondant because it's easier but it's also harder to work with and not as malleable). you want to roll some pieces and create little tassels. attach these again by using melted chocolate, just put a few dots and place your fondant piece. after they have dried, you are good to go!

graduation treats

graduation treats

I found these great boxes at the dollar store (12 for 1.00). It was 
awesome because they fit perfectly. I also gave them a cold stone ice cream gift card and
put it in the boxes. I had a little note that said, "congrats! treat yourself to some
cake and ice cream". I should mention they are 3" x 3". I don't think they would fit a 
regular size cupcake, just mini. 

I tried to take a picture of the end result when I had the little notes on them, however my camera battery died and this is the only picture I got, haha. (I still am searching desperately for the charger so I will have to post those pictures later.

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