paint sample birthday banner...

Their are so many birthday banner designs out there. They have so many choices and different ways to make them. I wanted to make one that is inexpensive, cheap, and cute! There are also tons of paint sample crafts out there so I decided to combine the two, and create a...


Birthday Decorations

this cost me nothing to make, it was super easy, and cute. 

you will need:
paint color samples 
hole punch
black permanent marker

I picked out my color samples (a lot of them I already had from painting my house and keeping them). I punched 2 holes in the top of them using a hole punch. I wrote "happy birthday" on them with the black permanent marker and then I used some extra yarn I had at home and strung it through them. If you want to doll it up more, you could add ribbon, buttons on the string, etc.

Birthday Decorations

Birthday Decor

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