2010 Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Card FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE

Christmas Cards
I love getting and giving christmas cards. I don't really do it for anyone else even though I send it out to family and friends.  I just enjoy creating something magically each year that we can keep and look back on. I have created/bought/put together a christmas card every year since Jared and I got married and so I love to look through the years. Anyway, I love great design but hate paying a lot of money for things like cards and so I created this template myself and am giving it away as a FREE CHRISTMAS CARD PRINTABLE 4x8 TEMPLATE. You can simply download the template, and then put your own photograph in it using adobe photoshop elements, or another simple photo editing program. Their are also many apps around now too to help in this. I also would recommend looking into Picmonkey and Pixelmator as a photo editing program that is easy for beginners to figure out. Also here is a link to the photo to the free printable christmas card download directly from my flickr. This will be easier for those of you who plan to just upload it to costco or walmart and have it printed because it will stay a jpeg. Here is a link to the free printable christmas card download from google docs. If you use the google docs document, it may require trimming and changing the document a bit and is more suitable for at home printing. The google docs document should be a png file which may be easier for some of you who know a lot about editing. 

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