37 WEEkS

Logen is 37 weeks. We re-did logen's room this last week. Just added some fun cars, buz lightyear, and mickey posters to his lion king themed room...we also got rid of the changing table that we never use and don't see a need for. When I change him, I don't go and find the changing table. I just get out the changing pad so...we got rid of it. Logen is in love with showing off his new "standing up" trick. He likes to make a game of it where he stands up by himself and then we clap and say hoorah and then he laughs and falls over and then does it again awaiting the applause. He is the silliest baby I know. He is getting much more courageous in wanting to take steps now which is pretty amazing and scary. We're still waiting for the mamamas and dadadadas.