Picture Wall Hanging Fence.

To make this, I used the Rust-Oleum Silver Metallic Spray Paint and some simple wooden clothespins. You can purchase the fencing at a home improvement store. (Click on the images above to purchase the product on amazon). 

First, buy some fencing at your hardware store (I think it cost me

Picture wall art

around $5-8 for a very large piece) and cut it with wire cutters or a saw to fit
the area where you will be hanging it.

fence art

picture display

Next, choose the color you wish to paint it. I chose a s
spray paint. You will likely need more than one coat so
prepare for that.

After that, use a
picture hanging kit that you get at the hardware store to hang it.

After that, use clothespins or I did find metal pin holders at ikea that I've used
recently. Then just print off your favorite pictures and put them up. I have a
group for fall, winter, spring, and summer so it changes every season. It's one
of my favorite things that I've come up with.

Hanging Photo's
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